Most Important Events in Music History

Hello, everyone! I am not a music expert but I would like to share some moments that in opinion were important in music history.

5. Bob Dylan goes electric

Bob Dylan is one of the most popular musicians in history. Known as a folk artist, his music in the 1960s tended to be romantic and politically charged. However, all that changed during the Newport Folk Festival in 1965. It was the same festival in 1964 that brought him nationwide attention. However, everyone was really surprised when he started playing not on his acoustic guitar but on an electric one.

4. Jimmy Hendrix Plays the Star-Spangled Banner at Woodstock

Lots of people performed at Woodstock but none could compare to Jimmy Hendrix. He rocked the world with his performance, the whole multi-thousand auditory was stunned.

3. Nirvana on “MTV Unplugged”

Nirvana’s performance on “MTV Unplugged” is really popular and still being re-watched by many people. Unfortunately, it was the last Kurt Cobain’s appearance on camera because later he died. According to the choice of melancholic and depressive songs, can see that he probably needed some help of a specialist already.

2. The Beatles on “The Ed Sullivan Show”

Lots of legendary musicians performed on “The Ed Sullivan Show”. However, the debut of The Beatles had 73 million views. Most importantly, that performance of The Beatles managed to bridge the gap between American and British music.

1. Michael Jackson performs the “moonwalk” for the first time

Michael Jackson did not invent the move of “moonwalk” but he definitely popularized it. Originally, it was performed by a professional dancer named Derek “Cooley” Jaxson. I think, it is an important moment in music history because it made Michael Jackson even more popular and the “moonwalk” became iconic. Now everyone knows who you refer to if you do this move.



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