Hello, everyone! The current topic we are discussing during our English classes is homelessness. To be honest, I consider this problem very serious because, according to my research, the number of homeless people is growing. There are 4.5 million people in Russia, who live on the street. I am sure that the situations of each homeless person are different, just like the reasons that make them homeless are. Nevertheless, there are several stereotypes about the homeless:

a) most people who live on the street are there because they don’t want to work;

b) most people who live on the street have mental problems;

c) society must help the people who have no homes and live on the street.

I would not say that I completely agree or disagree with any of these statements because nothing is that simple when it comes to people. However, all three are based on some real cases of homelessness.

First of all, let’s speak about the most common stereotype about homeless people: they stay on the street because they don’t want to work. Of course, some of them give up looking for a job/working, but the others at least try to do something (giving out some adverts, selling newspaper/street food, etc.) Unfortunately, not any employer will keep such worker for a long time. By the way, finding a job is a challenge even for some people who have homes, then how difficult it is for the homeless? Thus, my conclusion for this stereotype is that some homeless people would probably be glad to have a job but, for them, finding one is much more difficult. Moreover, we should consider the fact that the longer you live on the street – the bigger odds of your getting some mental problems are, what leads us to the next stereotype.

The second very popular statement said about homeless people is that the most of them have mental problems. This is actually the part I mostly agree than disagree with. In some cases, people have problems with their memory, get lost and start to live on the street; sometimes, they face problems with drugs/alcohol, get estranged from their families and become homeless. Even if the reason of their being homeless is different, it is almost impossible to have no home for a long time and stay OK.

Finally, who must help the homeless? To me the answer is clear: the government. Well, let’s be realists: it is not going to bring any money, therefore, it is not profitable. Only churches, charity organizations and some volunteers help the needy. Actually, it doesn’t matter who must help homeless people – what really matters is who does help them.

I believe, homelessness is just a line of misfortunes that can happen to any person. We should remember about it and at least not turn away when we see a homeless person. Maybe, they just need help.



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Hi, my name is Ivan. I’m the 1st year student of Dobrolubov State Linguistics University in Nizhny Novgorod.