2 min readOct 12, 2021


Drugs and drug addiction

Hello, everyone! Our group has already finished discussing the problem of drug abuse. Thus, I would like to express my opinion on this topic and mention three other things:

  • government-run anti-drugs programs in effect;
  • - rehabilitation centres in NN;
  • - the measures I would suggest to solve the problem of drug abuse.

First of all, what is a drug? It’s a medicine or a medical substance people use to treat diseases. Some drugs are psychoactive substances people use for pleasure, they are basically prohibited by the government. These are illegal drugs. People abuse them and get addicted what causes poverty, homelessness, crime and even death. It is tragic, but it’s life, we all make our own choice.

However, there are government-run anti-drugs programs. These programs focus their attention on:

  • - fighting drug procurement (поставка);
  • - coordinating the work of federal organisations;
  • - rehabilitating drug addicts.

Are these programs effective? I think, at some point, they are. It is likely that if we didn’t have them, the situation with drugs would be even worse.

The last focus of attention of the anti-drugs programs of our country is on developing rehabilitation centres for drug addicts. Actually, I’ve discovered quite a few of them in NN (more than 15). I guess, because it is a big city and the problem of drug abuse is very topical here.

To tell the truth, it is hard for me to discuss the problem of drug abuse because I know that there are anti-drugs programs, rehabilitation centres, the authorities trying to convince teenagers that drugs equal death but the issue is still very common, maybe, even becoming more widespread. The forbidden fruit is the sweetest. You may think that I’m silly, but I believe that the only way to eliminate drug abuse is to make drugs legal. At least, the light ones.




Hi, my name is Ivan. I’m the 1st year student of Dobrolubov State Linguistics University in Nizhny Novgorod.