Democracy in Movies

Having read the article about democracy in movies, I thought about the fact that politics not only affects filmmaking but also finds its way into what we watch. Let’s break it down into different concepts and I will try to give my examples.

Duty and responsibility

The problem of duty and responsibility is covered in the movie “Child 44”. Lev and Raisa, the main characters, found out about a serial killer murdering children and leaving their bodies on the railway line. However, when they tried to solve this case officially, they faced a difficulty: Stalin had claimed that murders were impossible in the USSR (because “murder is a disease of capitalistic countries”).

Still, Lev and Raisa are not going to give up on finding the criminal, even though they lose their jobs as a consequence of messing with the authorities. Eventually, they get the track of the murderer and kill him but if the police had tried to solve the case, maybe there would not have been dozens of corpses.

Politics really stood on the way of Lev and Raisa, but choosing between what they were supposed to do as citizens and as normal people, they chose the second. Good for them =)

Choice and determination

The problem of choice and determination is covered in the movie “Putin’s Kiss”. The main character, Mary, joined a political organization and found her idol in the President Putin who sometimes visited their meetings. One time she made a photo with him but she was so excited that she even kissed him. Later, she learnt that things were not that simple and that the organization she was a part of could be just a tool for political propaganda.

Mary met a journalist, Oleg, who then was killed supposedly because he had some different political views. It was the moment when Mary realized, she had better choose between her teenage idol (the President) and other political movements.

Guilty conscience

The problem of guilty conscience is covered in the movie “Her Name Was MuMu”. The main character Kate sacrificed her body (in some way) in order to get job opportunities. She had to sleep with a number of activists of oppositional political movement so that she could post the tapes on Internet. What she intended to do was immoral but she still was determined to do it, though her inner voice was telling her how bad her intentions were. Eventually, she had to decide what to choose: get a job at price of your own reputation or find other ways to fulfill her dream.



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Hi, my name is Ivan. I’m the 1st year student of Dobrolubov State Linguistics University in Nizhny Novgorod.