Hello, here are some words I learnt on Memrise =) :

Bemoan = complain about, grump about.

Coalesce = amalgamate, combine.

Debilitiate = vitiate, undermine.

Posit = postulate, suggest, propose, put forward.

Fatuous = preposterous

Soporific = causing to become tired or sleep.

Have a good day!



Hi, I continue to learn new words with help of Memrise.

Here are some cool words I learnt:

Stalemate = a contest, dispute, etc., in which neither side can gain the advantage.

Mistif = incongruous, a person different from other people, not belonging to a particular group.

Dogged = determined, stubborn.






Hi, my name is Ivan. I’m the 1st year student of Dobrolubov State Linguistics University in Nizhny Novgorod.